This is my place to share with you any of my hacks, ideas, essays or product thoughts that won’t fit into 240 chars.

I’m a machine learning researcher at Amazon. I work on NLP and deep learning, particularly to make Alexa better understand the meaning of what you say to it. All my views here are mine and mine alone, of course.

I’m also the founder of Peak AI. A physical challenge for AI researchers and entrepreneurs we run every year. There’s no better way connect with each other over some type II fun and shared pain. Sign up at for our next adventure and raise money for a good cause.

Previously, I’ve spent several years working in and building startups, including my own. Most recently I’ve worked on building Question Answering systems at Bloomsbury AI and recommendation engines at Lumi. I went to MIT and Cambridge to study engineering and completed a Masters in machine learning at Cambridge with Zoubin Ghahramani as my supervisor.

I love to help discussing ideas or helping people with their projects. Feel free to email me or find me on Twitter @jordnb.